Paul Bowen


I’ve been involved in online retail, web design & branding for over 15 years. Having always been interested in art and design from a young age, it was inevitable that my interests would lead to digital design.

In 2005 I created ‘Play Digital; one of the worlds first digital download music stores.  This was a complex and state of the art project which allowed me to develop an excellent understanding of online marketing, consumer buying patterns and trends, in order to generate maximum online sales.

In 2011 I launched Subluma, a web design and branding company. Subluma has two strands, the first of which is to work with local and national businesses to develop bespoke solutions, by using the most innovative technology available. I develop websites and branding to meet customer needs, offering my professional expertise and ideas to bring your vision to life. I offer a personalised service, each website or logo is unique and developed to best suit your business needs.

The second strand of Subluma is working alongside other web developers and design agencies, such as ‘Innovation Labs’.  My work has included ground breaking projects, such as; ‘Goofbid’, a new app based design for eBay, designed as a tool to help grab a bargain and ‘Betmaid’, an app designed for in-play football betting.

This led to more projects with Visualsoft including; a new brand for Sales Fire, (A customer behaviour web application) and a brand for Smart Metrics, (A Customer analytic / data software for eCommerce/online retail clients), together with a new backend admin panel for the technology behind both companies, working with the development team looking closely at competitors who offer similar products, to ensure our technology was more efficient, simple and user friendly.

I have also worked with world recognised brands such as ToppsRemi CachetTimes Square NY

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